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Making sure that my students succeed is always the most important part. Check out countless success stories and reviews below.

Here's What Our Students Are Saying...

Steve Wiles

''I've managed to play the first fingerstyle song. When I'm playing it, there's no buzzing or anything. Now I'm playing clear notes. It sounds brilliant''

Location: UK

Glenn Gay

''I've played guitar for 40 years, but all by ear. Now in just a few short weeks I'm already already reading tabs and can't believe where I'm at on Fingerstyle Guitar''

Location: USA

Alex Reyes

''I went from being a pure pick playing musician to learning how to play with my fingers.  I still find myself re-watching the Fingerstyle Guitar Academy videos''

Location: USA

Claude Galaise

''Sometimes in the past I'd go days without touching the guitar. But now I want to get better, and the coaching is really amazing'

Location: Quebec, Canada

Jan Johnson

''You're never too old to set another goal, or to dream another dream. Well this is my new dream which is to play guitar.''

Location: Indiana, USA

Gary Scults

''I learned fingerstyle guitar to bring a little joy to those who need it, no time like now to learn a new skill & to dream a new dream''

Location: USA

Chris Martine

''I really love the course, really descriptive. I've been with it for a month and think it's a really great program! If you ever have any questions you can email Andrew.''

Location: TEXAS

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