Want to Learn Fingerstyle Guitar That Amazes Everyone?

Get access to my free lesson and learn how to start playing fingerstyle guitar and impress your family & friends

Get access to my free lesson and learn how to start playing
 fingerstyle guitar and impress your family & friends.

I'm Andrew Seguin! Ready To Play Like This?

I'm a fingerstyle guitarist who's received a gold medal, has performed 250+ gigs and has over 200k YouTube views.
I want to introduce you to the new movement of guitar.

People from all backgrounds, skills and ages are learning how to simultaneously playing the bass, melody and percussion on the guitar all at the same time.

Guitarists are finding a new way to play guitar...

And that new way, is fingerstyle. Some say it's the nicest guitar music they've ever heard.

Instead of playing one note at a time...These guitarists are playing every aspect of a song at the same time.

Instead of learning song-to-song on YouTube...These guitarists are learning unique songs by themself that impress others.

And instead of ''death by music theory & boring techniques''... These guitarists are having fun while learning and developing their ear.

I call these people ''Fingerstyle Guitarists''

Skilled, Proficient guitarists who can
play the bass, melody & percussion
all at the same time


How To Become a Fingerstyle Guitarist

You've been playing guitar a while now. Maybe it's been a few months, maybe you've been playing your whole life.

You've had those moments where you talk yourself out of a song...wondering how to fingerpick...so you go with the easy half-baked song.

If you're like most guitarists, you've probably thought how helpful it would it would be to fingerpick and play the bass, melody and percussion all at the same time proficiently

Instead of learning the same boring and easy songs - you could learn impressive fingerstyle songs you've been looking at a while now

But how?

I help frustrated 'song-to-song' guitarists...

If you find yourself scouring the internet learning song-by-song, but have never learned much proper technique then this is you. 

Maybe you know a bit of fingerstyle, but aren't confident enough with it to play that song you've been looking at a while. All you know is that you need to make a change

...Become proficient fingerstyle guitar players

While everyone else is learning guitar the slow, frustrating way (learning song-to-song on the internet) you can be the one who's in complete control of your guitar playing.

You'll be able to put the bass, melody, rhythm and percussion together to play songs that the average guitarist can't.

Why Are We The Best Approach?

We both know that there are a million ways to learn fingerstyle guitar. 

YouTube. Private Lessons. Online Lessons. Udemy Courses. Apps like Yousician

These options can work for you, but that's not good enough.

The goal isn't to just learn guitar and memorize patterns on a fretboard, it's to know the process and what's behind it.

Your goal isn't to learn guitar for the sake of learning guitar, but to be able to add something to your life.

Your goal is to play goal is to play the bass, melody, rhythm and percussion all at the same time. Learning fingerstyle guitar is the way to do that.

This leads to my key difference between everything you'll find on the internet and our approach.

All the training I offer is specific to acoustic guitarists. You're learning from someone's who's both a professional fingerstyle & classical guitarist

That means I'm not going to go through all the boring & useless stuff other guitar teachers will go through.

Instead, I'm going to be giving you a practical framework and set of tools to develop your fingerstyle guitar playing and skills. Skills you'll learn within weeks and start applying to new songs

The 4-Step Fingerstyle Learning Process

1. Fundamentals

Here's where I'll teach you all the fundamentals and help build you a strong foundation that you can build on to play fingerstyle guitar

3. Taking Action

Knowing the system isn't enough, you need to put action in. We go through all the exercises that are used to get you playing the bass, melody and percussion.

2. Learning The Systems

You'll learn our systems, methods and techniques that are proven to help people of all skill levels learn. Although it takes some work and is fast

4. Separating Yourself

Being able to play fingerstyle is different then being a fingerstyle guitarist. You'll learn mindset, expression and what separates the average from great.

I believe in Results.

There's a lot of people who will try to take your money and teach your guitar. I'm not one of them, this is why you can trust me:

  • Gold Medal Award for Classical Guitar by The RCM
  • ​7,000+ hours of guitar experience
  •  200,000+ YouTube streams
  •  300+ Gigs Played
  • ​Studying Music Theory/Classical Guitar at the 'University of Windsor'
  • ​Have successfully taught hundreds through the 'Fingerstyle Guitar Academy & Tribe' (see reviews below)

Here's what people are saying about our approach...

Glenn Gay

''Just a few weeks and I'm already already reading tabs and can't believe where I'm at on Fingerstyle Guitar''

Location: USA

Alex Reyes

''I went from being a pure pick playing musician to learning how to play with my fingers.  I still find myself re watching the videos''

Location: USA

Gary Scults

''I learned fingerstyle guitar to bring a little joy to those who need it, no time like now to learn a new skill and to dream a new dream''

Location: USA

Ready to master the fundamentals of fingerstyle and start fingerpicking?

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